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About me

Trevor Hamlett

Sacred Visions is the result of the my continuing interest in consciousness studies. My journey has taken me to various countries and some amazing teachers.

My own awakening really accelerated in 2014 and has since found me working with Shamans, Quantum Scientists, Therapist and teachers and inspirational fellow travellers. 

I found myself working with the energies in ceremonies, helping to guide the energy to help others heal both physically and emotionally. 

My other work with as a video producer audio technology and visual digital artist  allows me to communicate with people on different levels.


People I have worked with and or studied with:

Tom Campbell ( Scientist and physicist )

Don Roberto  ( Ayahuasca shaman )

Uri Geller ( Psychic )

Diana Cooper ( Author and Therapist )

Paul Mckenna ( London Hypnotherapy course )

Richard Bandler ( NLP Masters Course )

Anthony Robbins ( Coaching course )

Dr Joe Dispenza ( Mediation and epigenetics course )

Work I have done for some of the above

Video production

Audio book production

Media development

Personal Work

Hypnosis and NLP training
Shamanic Work

Holding space and Ceremonial plant medicine work

Sound Healing 

Energy Healing 

Retreat organisation 

Visionary ART

Music Production / Events