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I never did any art until my second ayahuasca ceremony. I try to depict what I have seen in visionary states. Each piece take approx 15 hours to complete, with a combination of photography, 3d design, symbolic meaning. I have sold a number of pieces in Europe and the U.S.A. 

I believe that this art works on many levels and I hope you enjoy connecting with it. All of my art is available as high quality fine art prints or printed on canvas.

The Architect. Designer of realities, taking care to make sure everything is working how is should be.

The Gatekeeper. Guards of the energy portals and channels, these beings can be called upon to assist in keeping negative energies at bay and to allow specific healing energies through.

Mother Nature/ Mother Aya. The spirit of Ayahuasca in feminine form,

interacting with symbol metamorphosis.

The Gift. Based on how I see and interact with energy, packets of data.

Rebirth: A commissioned portrait from  New York